Tecmint’s Guide to Red Hat RHCSA / RHCE Certification Preparation Study Guide

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The Tecmint.com team is pleased to announce that a long-awaited request from you has become a reality: the availability of the RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) and RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) ebook in PDF format.

Let us tell you why we decided to invest time, effort, and resources to provide you with this possibility.

RedHat RHCSA and RHCE Certification Exam Study Ebook

RedHat RHCSA and RHCE Certification Exam Study Ebook

Besides being committed to providing you with high-quality content, we take great pride in helping spread the knowledge of Linux and Free Open Source Software (FOSS) because 1) we believe in the philosophy, and 2) as part of our world-wide family, we want to help you advance in your career as much as we can.

This ebook, along with the official Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 official guides, will help you prepare to take and pass the RHCSA (EX200) and RHCE (EX300) exams. As you know, both exams are aimed at determining if your knowledge, skills, and ability to meet those required of a junior and senior administrator, respectively, of RHEL 7 systems across a wide variety of environments and scenarios.

Becoming RHCSA and RHCE certified can help you show to potential employers (and current as well) that you have what it takes to contribute to the success of their IT departments, which ultimately means the overall success of the business.

Additionally, demand for highly qualified Linux professionals with certifications is continually on the rise. But do not take our word for it – let’s take a look at a few well-known online job board sites where RHCSA and RHCE related positions have been posted recently.

At the time of this writing (October, 2019), here are the number of open positions available in each site (click on the numbers to go to the search page with results):

SITE RHCSA – Job Positions RHCE – Job Positions
Monster.com 466 637
Monsterindia.com 218 218
Naukri.com 55 959
Indeed.com 550 691
Careerbuilder.com 114 144

As you can see, if you get a Red Hat certification, you are not likely to be left without job opportunities.

What’s inside this eBook?

This book contains 28 chapters with a total of 164 pages, which covers all official exam objectives for the RHCSA and RHCE exams based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, including:

RHCSA Section (chapters 1 to 15)

  1. Chapter 1: Learn Essential Commands & System Documentation
  2. Chapter 2: How to Perform File and Directory Management
  3. Chapter 3: Manage Users and Groups
  4. Chapter 4: Text File Editing and Analyze
  5. Chapter 5: Learn Process Management
  6. Chapter 6: Configure and Encrypt System Storage
  7. Chapter 7: Learn Access Control Lists and Mount Network NFS Shares
  8. Chapter 8: Secure and Enable Network Services
  9. Chapter 9: Setting Up Web and FTP
  10. Chapter 10: Linux Package Management, Cron Scheduling and Monitoring Logs
  11. Chapter 11: Manage Firewall and Network Traffic
  12. Chapter 12: Automate Installations Using Kickstart
  13. Chapter 13: Learn Access Control Essentials with SELinux
  14. Chapter 14: Setting Up LDAP-based Authentication
  15. Chapter 15: Host Virtualization and Guest Administration

RHCE Section (chapters 1 to 13)

  1. Chapter 1: Setup Static Network Routing
  2. Chapter 2: Kernel and Network Management
  3. Chapter 3: Monitor and Generate System Activity Reports
  4. Chapter 4: Automate Tasks Using Shell Scripts
  5. Chapter 5: System Log Management
  6. Chapter 6: Setup Network File Sharing with Clients
  7. Chapter 7: Setup Network Sharing with Client Authentication
  8. Chapter 8: HTTPS and NSS Implementation on Web Servers
  9. Chapter 9: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
  10. Chapter 10: Cofigure Cache-only DNS Server
  11. Chapter 11: Network Bonding or Teaming NIC
  12. Chapter 12: iSCSI Target Initiator Setup
  13. Chapter 13: MariaDB Installation, Configuration and Usage

Each chapter explains important topics and relevant exam objectives in the beginning and ends with a summary followed by questions and answers.

For that reason, we present you with the opportunity to buy this ebook. With your purchase, you will help support Tecmint.com so that we can continue bringing you high-quality articles for free on a daily basis as always.

For International Users Price in Dollar Checkout
RedHat RHCSA and RHCE Certification Study Guide – Based on RHEL 7 $ 39.99 Order Now
RedHat RHCSA Certification Study Guide – Based on RHEL 8 $ 29.99 Order Now
RedHat RHCE Certification Study Guide – Based on RHEL 8 $ 39.99 Coming Soon
For Indian Users Price in INR Checkout
RedHat RHCSA and RHCE Certification Study Guide – Based on RHEL 7 2900 Order Now
RedHat RHCSA Certification Study Guide – Based on RHEL 8 2100 Order Now
RedHat RHCE Certification Study Guide – Based on RHEL 8 2900 Coming Soon

Note: After making payment, allow us 30-60 minutes of time for delivery.

Contact us at [email protected] if you don’t have a credit/debit card or if you have further questions.

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DISCLOSURE: Tecmint has no affiliation with Red Hat, Inc. The Red Hat trademark is used for identification purposes only and is not intended to indicate affiliation with or approval by Red Hat, Inc.

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RedHat RHCE and RHCSA Certification Book
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      Noted, we are updating the RHCSA 8 book with the missing chapter “How to Setup a Local Yum Repository on RHEL 8“. We will re-distribute updated book copies soon.

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